China API 5CT 9 5/8″ Casing Float Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

API 5CT 9 5/8″ Casing Float Collar

The FC Float Collar is managing in a casing assembly, typically several joints above the Float Shoe. It serves as an further again stress valve sealing against pressures from blow whilst operating the assembly and soon after the cementing task. Internal latch and valve are readily drillable. Its capacity of again-stress is over 25MPa.
Like the FC Float Collar, the FS float shoe also has a back-strain valve to prevent again flow. It permits cement to operate by way of aspect ports when the nose of the shoe is on the bottom. Internal valve and bottom guides are all manufactured of drillable substance. Its capacity of back again-pressure is above 25MPa.

Specification In-Dia Out-Dia Height Ahead strain Backward
Hook up screw thread Materials Normal
FG-FZQ140 154 122 four hundred 20MPa 25MPa five-1/2″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
FG-FZQ178 194 159 four hundred 20MPa 25MPa 7″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
FG-FZQ245 270 220 450 20MPa 25MPa 9-5/8″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
FG-FZQ340 365 313 450 10MPa 10MPa 13-3/8″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
Forex-FZQ140 154 122 500 25MPa five-1/2″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
Fx-FZQ178 194 159 500 25MPa 7″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
Forex-FZQ245 270 220 550 25MPa nine-5/8″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000
Fx-FZQ340 365 313 550 10MPa thirteen-3/8″LCSG 40Cr SY/T5618-2000

Primary products:
one. Pumping device
2. Tubing pump/sucker rod pump and accessories
3. Float collar and float shoe
four. Casing centralizer
five. Cementing plug
6. Cementing head
7. Stage Collar
8. Casing/ Tubing coupling
nine. Drill pipe
10. Sucker rod

1. Thoroughly clean the shaft, the inner and outer holes of the bushing, and the internal gap of the hub. Remove any oil, paint or dust, area the bushing on the hub, and match the 50 percent holes to make full holes (each and every total hole will only be threaded on a single side). Lightly oil the threads and points of set screws or the threads and heads of cap screws. Loosely spot the screws in the threaded holes on the hub facet. Make certain the bushing is totally free on the hub. Snap the assembly onto the shaft and place it in the preferred situation. Tighten the screws alternately and evenly right up until all are limited 5. Hammer the huge finish of the bushing with a hammer and block or socket to keep away from injury. The screw can now be turned a bit to the specified torque location. Repeat this alternating hammering and screw retightening until the specified torque is attained. Fill all holes with grease to take away dust.
China API 5CT 9 5/8