China API Casing Float Shoe and Float Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

API Casing Float Shoe and Float Collar

Float collar is installed on the casing and up the float shoe&interval Like float shoe&comma it also supply buoyancy to the casing string when it really is decreased&comma reducing the load on the drilling rig&interval A develop-in verify valve supplies buoyancy to the casing string also prevents cement from re-coming into the casing following it’s displaced&period of time It really is a receptacle to cement plug&interval
1&period of time All interior elements are produced of very easily drillable aluminum alloy&interval
two&time period The gadget can be connected directly to the casing of the very same kind&period
3&interval CZPT ble back again-strain leak proof framework&comma permit grout or slurry circulation with considerably less resistance&period
4&period of time Valve seat and valve disk can properly prevent grout from flowing again&interval
5&interval CZPT -rotating landing plate is CZPT on request&period of time
6&period Either PDC or rock little bit drillable&period of time
Complex parameter&colon

Dimensions &lparin&rpar Bore O&periodD &lparin&rpar Bore I&periodD &lparin&rpar Min&periodBore Parameter &lparin&rpar Thread Type Ib &lparin 2&rpar
five 1&sol 2″ six” four 3&sol 4″ 2″ 5 1&sol 2″ LCSG 4351
seven” 7 5&sol 8″ six 1&sol 4″ 2 3&sol 8″ 7″ LCSG 3626
9 5&sol 8″ 10 5&sol 8″ eight 5&sol 8″ two 3&sol 8″ nine 5&sol 8″ LCSG 3626
13 3&sol 8″ fourteen 3&sol 8″ twelve 3&sol 8″ 2 3&sol 8″ thirteen 3&sol 8″ LCSG 3626

Components&colon API casing grades&comma like J55&comma K55&comma N80&comma P110&comma L80&comma etc
Connections&colon LTC&comma STC&comma BTC
High quality connections are CZPT CZPT &period of time

China API Casing Float Shoe and Float Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price