China API Drill Collar Spiral Drill Collar and Non Magnetic Drill Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

API Drill Collar Spiral Drill Collar and CZPT magnetic drill collar

Merchandise Description

Boban series drill collar is utilized between the drill pipe and the little bit in the drill stem. It is utilized to set weight on the little bit so that the little bit can drill.

Drill collars are made from AISI 4145H modified metal, and are supplied in the “as rolled” area end situation. Substitute surface finishes are CZPT .

TrepHangZhou and Heat Therapy:
Drill collars are trepanned and drifted to API Spec 7-1. Complete-duration heat-remedy processes guarantee that mechanical qualities meet up with or exceed API Spec 7-1 specifications. A hardness assortment of 285-341, Brinell hardness and Charpy “V” notch least affect strength of 40 ft-lb at 70 F are assured a single inch underneath the floor.

Drill collar substance and procedure traceability are maintained from receipt of the mill’s accredited raw substance to completion of producing. Serial quantities are die stamped on bar bodies.
Rigid Inspection Procedures:
We examine all CZPT drill collars to make certain compliance with API SPEC 7-1 requirements. These inspections include visual dimensional checks as effectively as ultrasonic inspections in excess of the whole entire body of the drill collar.

Drill collar thread roots, as nicely as elevator recess upper radius, are cold-rolled. Chilly rolling creates a compressive recess higher radius tension situation that boosts fatigue daily life by reducing crack initiation.

Phosphate-coated or Copper Plating
All connections are phosphate-coated or copper plated to increase resistance to corrosion.

Slip Groove, CZPT vator Groove and Dimension
Huanjie provides optional slip and elevator recesses to increase handling efficiency and security. Until normally specified, slip and elevator recesses are machined in compliance with API spec 7-1 tips.

Thread Protectors:
Our company provides metal, cast steel and plastic steel thread protectors for its drill stem products.

We supply slick drill collars, spiral drill collars and non-magnetic drill collars sizes are from 3-1/8 to eleven inches. Besides the drill collars in the table under, we can provide other drill collars at CZPT ers’ request.

Thorough Pictures


Item Parameters


Nominal dimensions D d L DF Bending CZPT ratio
  mm in mm in mm mm  
NC31-forty one(2-7/8IF) 104.8 4-1/8 fifty.eight 2 9150 a hundred.four two.forty three:one
NC35-forty seven a hundred and twenty.7 4-3/4 50.eight 2 9150 114.7 2.fifty eight:1
NC38-50(3-1/2IF) 127. five fifty seven.2 2-1/four 9150 121. two.38:one
NC44-sixty 152.four 6 57.two 2-1/4 9150/9450 144.5 2.forty nine:1
NC44-60 152.4 six seventy one.four two-13/16 9150/9450 one hundred forty four.5 2.84:one
NC44-sixty two 158.eight six-1/4 57.two two-1/4 9150/9450 149.2 2.91:one
NC46-sixty two(4IF) 158.eight six-1/four seventy one.four two-13/16 9150/9450 a hundred and fifty. two.63:1
NC46-65(4IF) one hundred sixty six-1/2 57.two two-1/4 9150/9450 154.eight 2.76:1
NC46-65(4IF) 165.1 six-1/2 seventy one.4 two-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 154.eight three.05:one
NC46-67(4IF) 171.four 6-3/4 57.2 2-1/four 9150/9450 159.five 3.18:one
NC50-sixty seven(4-1/2IF) 171.four 6-3/four seventy one.4 two-13/sixteen 9150/9450 159.5 2.37:one
NC50-70(4-1/2IF) 177.8 seven fifty seven.two two-1/four 9150/9450 164.7 2.54:one
NC50-70(4-1/2IF) 177.eight 7 seventy one.four two-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 two.73:1
NC50-seventy two(4-1/2IF) 184.2 7-1/4 71.four 2-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 169.5 three.12:1
NC56-seventy seven 196.8 seven-3/4 seventy one.4 two-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 185.three two.70:1
NC56-80 203.two eight seventy one.four two-thirteen/16 9150/9450 a hundred 3.02:1
six-5/8REG 209.six eight-1/4 71.4 two-13/16 9150/9450 2.ninety three:1
NC61-ninety 228.6 9 71.four 2-13/16 9150/9450 212.7 three.17:one
seven-5/8REG 241.3 nine-1/two seventy six.2 three 9150/9450 223.8 2.81:one
NC70-97 247.six 9-3/4 76.2 3 9150/9450 232.six 2.57:1
NC70-100 254. 10 seventy six.2 three 9150/9450 237.three two.eighty one:1


Tapered bushings provide a lower-cost, easy, and quick method of securing sprockets, pulleys, and couplings on regular metric and imperial shafts in a range of frequent business tolerances and finishes. The tapered surfaces on the bearing pad and mating hub are pushed collectively by higher-toughness screws, permitting the split bearing pad to shrink securely onto the shaft. Powerful clamping power enables substantial torque transfer without the fretting concerns associated with a simple essential actuation.
China API Drill Collar Spiral Drill Collar and Non Magnetic Drill Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price