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Item Description

Item Description
Drill Collar
LFM Drill Collar
There are distinct types of drill collars, such as spherical drill collar, spiral drill collar, CZPT -magnetic drill collar, square drill collar and so on. Regular drill collar is the circular cross area, the middle has a drinking water hole, the wall thickness is more substantial, the nozzle is smaller, the fat of for each unit length is higher than the size of drill pipe virtually 4- 5 times. The bulk of drill collar is thread processing directly on the pipe human body , but some of them also use the replaced joint.
(1) Eccentric-weight drill collar is an effective anti-deviation drilling tool, with higher drill strain utilised in indirect locations, rectifying indirect as well.
(2) When drilling directional wells eccentric-weight drill collar is an effective instrument to lessen indirect or straighten the effectively gap employing substantial drilling stress.
(3) Eccentric-fat drill collar has the benefits of basic structure, convenient use, related right to frequent drill collar without centralizers, significantly hassle-free for sinking in, fishing and milling functions.
(4) Eccentric-excess weight drill collar operates downhole properly, danger of leakage or bit freezing tough to seem.
(5) Pay considerably consideration to avoid mud balling and stop result of anti-deviation.

Drill collar (spiral drill collar)
specification NC23-31~NC70-one hundred
All sequence of API specs
government standard API Spec 7-1 API Spec 7-two
Size OD Id Lmm Shoulder chamfering diameter Bending energy ratio of the reference
mm In mm in  
NC31-41(2-7/8IF) 104.8 2004/1/8 fifty.8 2 9150 one hundred.four two.43:one
NC35-forty seven a hundred and 2004/3/4 fifty.8 two 9150 114.7 2.58:one
NC38-fifty(3-1/2IF) 127 5 fifty seven.2 2002/1/4 9150 121 two.38:1
NC44-sixty 152.four 6 57.2 2002/1/4 9150/9450 one hundred forty four.five two.forty nine:1
NC44-sixty 152.4 six 71.four two-thirteen/16 9150/9450 one hundred forty four.5 two.eighty four:1
NC44-62 158.eight 2006/1/four fifty seven.two 2002/1/four 9150/9450 149.two 2.ninety one:one
NC46-62(4IF) 158.eight 2006/1/4 71.4 two-thirteen/16 9150/9450 a hundred and fifty 2.63:one
NC46-65(4IF) 165.1 2006/1/2 57.2 2002/1/four 9150/9450 154.eight two.76:1
NC46-sixty five(4IF) 2006/1/two 71.4 2-thirteen/16 9150/9450 154.8 3.05:one
NC46-sixty seven(4IF) 171.four 2006/3/four 57.two 2002/1/four 9150/9450 159.five 3.eighteen:one
NC50-sixty seven(4-1/2IF) 171.four 2006/3/4 71.4 2-13/sixteen 9150/9450 159.5 two.37:one
NC50-70(4-1/2IF) 177.8 seven 57.two 2002/1/four 9150/9450 two.54:1
NC50-70(4-1/2IF) 177.eight 7 seventy one.four 2-13/16 9150/9450 164.7 two.seventy three:one
NC50-72(4-1/2IF) 184.two 2007/1/4 71.four 2-thirteen/16 9150/9450 169.five 3.12:1
NC56-seventy seven 196.8 2007/3/4 71.4 2-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 185.three 2.70:1
NC56-80 203.two eight 71.4 2-13/16 9150/9450 190.1 3.02:1
six-5/8REG 209.6 2008/1/4 71.4 2-thirteen/sixteen 9150/9450 2.ninety three:1
NC61-ninety 228.six nine 71.4 two-13/16 9150/9450 three.17:one
7-5/8REG 241.3 2009/1/two 76.2 three 9150/9450 223.8 2.81:one
NC70-ninety seven 247.six 2009/3/4 76.two 3 9150/9450 232.six 2.fifty seven:1

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China Drill Collar/DC/API Spec 7/4130/API 7-1 with ce certificate leading high quality Excellent price